How is the board doing?

Complaints. Compliments.

What would you like to see change, added or removed?

thanks so much!

It is SO much better than the CH boards. And while I rarely post on my phone, the phone app is great for checking on activity and new topics. The search function is easy, fast and accurate. At first I wasn’t sure about the RSS feeds, but since then, I find them to be pretty nice…I think they could almost become a “one stop shop” for potential topics. It’s so much easier to edit a post (without the “hanging” like the CH boards did), I like the formatting features and it takes less than a week for a newbie who doesn’t explore like I do to figure it out.

I know I get verbose - so I’ll sum up - this is a hit right out of the park. Thanks

If there are any other feeds you want. Let me know. I have two from cnn. While they’re biased, I find cnn at least reasonable most the time.

This board is much better than the CH board, easy to use, nice features and isn’t down several times a week. But the moderator here is a jerk. (I’m just testing to see if Winter has thicker skin than Mod5. :grinning:)

We need a popcorn emoji, maybe the lack of one is keeping Woody away. :popcorn: :thinking:

Mod5 is butt hurt I setup a board. The comments were funny.

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A forum is just a community of strangers discussing issues and topics, yes there needs to be some rules but Mod5 is a like a $9 an hour security guard with a plastic badge. People are going to disagree and maybe name call, but unless there is a real threat people should be allowed to voice their opinion. I’ve never been offended by anything anyone has said to or about me on line.

You should read what mod5 said about me. It’s hysterical. Basically because of my politics I won’t be impartial. Yet kc disagrees with me politically and has higher access. I don’t need people to agree with me. I don’t want an echo chamber and I’m not a control freak. There has been zero moderator actions since the board came up.
Unlike mod5. I plan to block words that stir the pot and maybe a short silence for an offender. We are all adults. We all know each other. We can work it out.

That sounds like what Mod5 was doing. IMO you’re more right than left on most issues, but wander off the reservation on certain things. I’ve seen you argue for and against both parties and think you’ll be fair.

Our largest obstacle is we do need to find some more people to invite.

Mod5 kept going on how this will die off. Lol. Ok. It may. At some point it may outlive it’s usefulness. I’m ok with it if it does. This isn’t making me money. It’s not a career. If it keeps people busy through the weekend winter, it’s the best 10 dollars a month I’ve ever spent.

Mod 5 is Paul Blart?

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If anyone has brobbs email. Invite.

Invite anyone you can think of.