How is anybody this stupid?

The author is NYT’s Apoorva Mandavilli.
The article is behind a pay wall but Nate Silver tweeted the screen shots.

I think your thread headline pretty much answers that question??? :innocent:

Fair enough, fat fingered my phone.
Better now?

People can be incredibly stupid. Just looked at my FB feed and one of my friends shared a photo of some hundred dollar bills because someone said “in Jesus name” that if she shared it, she’d never lack for $.

Ya, but that aint a NYT columnist quoting a Doctor.

So, I did a small dive into the Dr. who is quoted in this article, here is her twitter page.

A cursory glance would say that she believes masks are more effective than vaccines and is against a booster.
Would that make her an “anti-vaxxer”?

Yet, all experts say vaccines are the most effective way.

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I didn’t spend a lot of time on it, but it looks more like she’s anti-booster than anti-vax. I haven’t seen the data on the need for a booster yet. Always suspected it was likely.

She is fiercely anti booster, and pro mask/lockdown forever.
Between her and AOC having an Economics degree I am seriously concerned about the academic prowess of Boston University. I would trust Trump U more at this point.

This is American stupidity.

Actually American stupidity is anyone who voted for this moron.

From people who don’t understand anything about civics or math. You know, Democrats

If I have to choose between vaccine mandates and lockdowns, I’d prefer vaccine mandates

Anyone supporting lockdowns at this point should be permanently barred from public office

To be fair…think of how many people thought they would save $2,500 on their health insurance premium. You don’t really have to look any further than that…

It’s funny when you say it but a lot of members of this board consider Trump U to be a real trustworthy school.

Really, who?

The trumpiest in here…I won’t name names but if they’re truly proud they can raise their hands.

I have not heard anyone mention Trump U before or endorsed it.

They’re too ashamed to? It doesn’t get more Trumpy than you, how many degrees do you have from Trump U?

Beemer does that a lot, he makes statements he can’t back up.