How effective are credit monitoring services?

““If you freeze your credit, and you manage that appropriately — and it’s not that hard to do it — you really don’t need credit monitoring in and of itself,” said Eva Velasquez, the president of the nonprofit Identity Theft Resource Center.”

If you freeze your credit, and you manage that appropriately?

Other than freezing and thawing when need be what is there to managing a credit freeze?

That’s the point…if you freeze your credit do you really need a credit monitoring service. I just froze mine last week because of a weird incident. And with the rise in spam emails and texts, it’s quite possible that someone using a credit monitoring system may well fall victim by opening what LOOKS like an alert from the monitoring service but is in reality just another scammer.

You can go online and freeze and unfreeze your credit very easily. I think a lot of these services started up when you weren’t able to do that.

We froze our credit with the three major agencies 6-7 years ago and have never thawed it. If needed, I’ll have to go to the bank and get the instructions out of our safety deposit box.

Our credit reports have been frozen for many years.

I have calendared the annual free credit reports and monitor them.

Most cc have a monitoring service for free now.

Ours too, I can’t remember the last time we needed to unfreeze it. We’ve had no loans and the same credit cards for years.

When it comes to finances we are both conservatives.

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Discover does this for free. I co-signed a lease for my daughter and got a notice within hours that they ran my credit.

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