Hope you like your EV

However, the family found out that there weren’t any batteries of that type available anymore because the Ford model is discontinued.

“Then we found out the batteries aren’t even available,” Siwinski said. “So it didn’t matter. They could cost twice as much and we still couldn’t get it.”

My battery has an 8-year warranty. I did keep my last car 15.5 years, so IDK about this one.

I checked the owner’s manual online and the warranty was 8 years/100K. So, they probably passed one of those thresholds and should have looked at the warranty before buying the car.

Not sure how you get to that much driving or time without knowing that.

A car less than 10 years old that can’t be fixed at any price.

Electric car fires are hard to put out.

burning liquid lithium must be fun

They bought the car with 60K miles and drove it 6 months before issues. I suspect they never even considered the battery warranty, unless they are familiar with hybrids or EVs. I hate these type of articles that lure you in with a headline but fail to give you all the facts.

My ex had a 2005 Prius that finally needed a new battery in 2014 and after 180,000 miles. At that age and mileage, it wasn’t worth replacing the battery, so I have no idea what thta was. The article said $11,000 but when I googled Ford Focus battery, it came back with $23,000 for the battery, which I find kind of hard to believe. IF the dealer says there are no “factory” batteries, are there 3rd party batteries? I can’t remember what the replacement costs were for a Prius battery, but I know it wasn’t 23 grand.

IDK that there would be a 3rd party battery for an EV. The battery is pretty fundamental to the vehicle.

Thanks for posting.

More charging stations issues!

The Prius is a hybrid so it’s battery is relatively tiny compared to a pure electric car. Also there are so many Prius’s out there the batteries are “relatively” cheap, I imagine. My plug-in Chevy Volt battery is good for 60 miles (before the engine kicks in) so it is a little bigger (expensive).

For a pure electric car with a range of 250 + miles, now you’re talking real money.

Yeah.,…I thoght the focus was the hybrid. My bad. I dunno…it seems that our political divisions even kind of rear their ugly head in topics like this, It seems that encouraging ANY kind of alternative energy vehcle means that you are a die hard supporter of “The Green New Deal” and therefore post FUD about those vehicles to show our all American support for the fossil industry.

Still…the cost of batteries is steep, and it’s too soon to see what happens when batteries finally start dying on a regular basis…YOu pay a premium for an EV and apparently the lifespan is about 10 years. A low end Chevy can run longer than that, and Ford was wrong to stop carrying the battery, but I guess at that price, they figured nobody was going to buy one. So I guess the gamble is that battery technology is going to advance at such a pace that the replacement cost for today’s Tesla may be low enough to cost about as much as “major” maintenance on regular car…no fun to pay, but not a deal breaker. But if the life of an EV is only 10 years…that could be a bit of a concern.

And they’re non recyclable as well!

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