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I have been using the same security company for twenty years. Four years ago I upgraded the system and got a new panel because when I changed my home phone/internet service from the phone company to the cable company I needed to have a wireless connection for the security system.

Tonight I received a call from the security company telling me that they want to set up an appointment to install a new chip in my security system. I have some concerns about this call for a few reasons.

The caller ID said unknown instead of the name of the security company even though the phone number shown was the number of the security company. However, I know that a person can make a call look like it was coming from a different phone number.

Why would they need to install a new chip when I have a wireless connection

I received the call after 7:00 PM and their office closes at 5:00 PM

What is your opinion?

Call the security company back on a number that you know is valid and ask them about this. They will tell you whether it is a legitimate call or a scam.


At a minimum I would call the company tomorrow, when the sun is up. That is quite odd.

Beyond that I cannot help. I’ve never had wired security or even a Ring video doorbell. I’m a late adopter to this kind of stuff.


Most likely a scam. We have lots of those Yahoo’s here

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This, exactly.

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Sounds fishy however, I understand from your post your system uses cellular to communicate with the monitoring station.The radio portion of your system may need to be upgraded from 3G to newer 4G/LTE. This could be legit as 3G cellular is being phased out.

Mine was upgraded three 3 weeks ago.

As others have said call the company ASAP and verify.

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A lot of the old panels used 3g. Carriers are trying to get rid of 3g.

That said call the company directly and ask.

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Thanks for all the helpful responses. I called the home security company that we use today and they told me that I have a 3G chip in my security panel and that due to upgrades in the cell towers I need to upgrade to 4G for my system to be monitored. So I made an appointment to have that done.

Billion nailed it!

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