Holy revisionist

Obama is full of shit (in other news water is wet).

Obama literally said the Trump economy was impossible, now he is taking credit for it.

Obama inherited a shisgow and gave Trump a stable and growing economy. Trump didn’t do anything magical with it.

According to Obama he did.

I know a lot of people who lost their jobs when Obama was President and I don’t know anyone who lost their job when Trump was President. These are all people who never lost a job before Obama was President or after he left office. Granted this is anecdotal but it is consistent with the statistics.

God mcarley, do you ever do anything besides sucking on the ballsacks of Democrats?

You are literally repeating their propaganda.

To be fair, this is true.
The economy was shit due to Bush’ liberal economic policies.

When Obama took office, we were losing 800k jobs a month. When. he left office, we’d had seven years of positive job growth. That growth continued for the first three years of Trump, but the economy was already slowing prior to the pandemic recession.

Which policies from Obama do you credit ?

That is a misrepresentation.
That growth didn’t “continue”, it exploded because Trump took off the governor.

Not really.

Obama said Trump would need a magic wand for those numbers to happen.

That magical 2.93?

He was also talking about jobs.

I might pay to see Obama’s ego and Trump’s ego in a cage match at Wrestlemania.

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Which was slower under Trump than Obama.


You know the law of diminishing returns?
I already admitted that Obama inherited a shitty economy.
It was easy to make things better.
Trump inherited a mediocre economy from Obama and did things that Obama said was impossible.
The unemployment rate was historically low under Trump.

Yes, after it was cut in half under Obama, it came down another percentage point or so under Trump. The rate was low, but I’d hardly attribute that to some kind of Trump magic. It was carryover. You’re giving him credit because you want to, not based on evidence.

Asked you earlier in the thread…which Obama policies do you credit for the economy improvement during his terms ?

How the hell can you call it carryover when Obama literally said it was impossible?
That is revisionist at its finest.

He didn’t do anything magical. Most of the jobs lost are still lost. Most weren’t lost to other countries, but to automation.