Holy cow, this was a systemic failure!

Denying qualified students money for higher education appears to systemic in Virginia!!

This is bat shit crazy!!!

This dipshit needs the shit slapped out of him!!!

From the link;

Right now, FCPS is spending nearly half a million dollars for Mutiu Fagbayi of Performance Fact, Inc. to do strategic planning consulting for the school system.

“To have true equity you have to be willing to be purposefully unequal when it comes to resources,” Fagbayi said during a recent presentation to another school system. “We have to have the courage and willingness to be purposefully unequal when it comes to opportunities and access.”

That’s what "diversity"is all about, I can’t believe someone actually said it out loud.

This sounds like something @mcarley would write. Its consistent with the Liberal platform of equalizing the outcomes by taking from those who worked hard for their achievements. Have I mentioned that I am so glad my kids went to school in the south? I could not imagine subjecting my kids to the bat-shit crazy Liberal indoctrination in other parts of the country.

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This is on page one of the lefty playbook, punish hard work and success to reward the lazy and ignorant in the name of fairness.

I am waiting for him to try to defend this.
I guess the talking points haven’t been distributed yet.

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From what I know of the situation, I have no desire to defend this.

Fair enough, I respect that.
You are pretty reasonable sometimes.