Holiday Memories that make me smile

When our daughter was very young, my husband and I would put her Christmas presents under a big plant in our living room that we called the gift tree and sign some of these gifts from us and some from Santa. On Christmas morning, when our daughter was five years old, she told me that she knew that I was Santa. I then asked her where she got that silly idea. To our surprise she responded that she knew because Santa and I had the same handwriting. My husband and I were so impressed by her response that we admitted it. My husband, who was Director of the New York City Forensic/Crime lab at the time, loved that our five year old daughter was thinking like a forensic scientist.


On an annual basis we would always have on major gift from “santa”.
One year it was new bikes.
I was putting them together about midnight or so (about 4 beers deep) and couldn’t figure out on one of them that one pedal has to be threaded backwards.
When the kids woke up the next morning my son asked why the pedal was not on his bike, so i quickly put in on, and he said “wow Dad, you should be one of Santa’s helpers”.

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