Hey Parrot: I thought of you when I read this diss on St Louis

Children who were born when Los Angeles didn’t have a football team became of legal drinking age and the city still didn’t have a football team.

That’s not damage that can be repaired in six years.

Something like this is bound to unfold every now and then until there’s a generation of Angelenos that views the Rams as Los Angeles’ team and Los Angeles’ team only, rather than a refugee from a dump of a city in the Midwest.

Had a similar discussion with my son last night.
Had to explain to him that the St. Louis Blues were the one exception to the rule of all things St. Louis related are shit.

What about the St Louis Cardinals?

Can’t stand them.
And their fans are obnoxious.

I resemble that.

Ah yes. Visions of the 1968 World Series dancing in my head.