Hey Parrot! Here is another sloppy sports column

The article has this snippet about Sofi Stadium:

The Bills have yet to play in SoFi Stadium, though, and could have a tougher time getting fans to make the cross-country trip.

I personally attended the first game of the NFL season between the Bills and Rams at Sofi. And, the crowd was around 50% Bills fans, who were the only ones left at the end of the game too.

I actually saw the headline and scrolled past thinking it was probably ridiculous.

I will probably read it later and come back and make a comment.

I’m a Chiefs fan, but if it’s the Bills and the Chiefs, I think the site should be east of the MIssissippi River. Playing a game in Vegas or California means the Bills and their fans have travel thru 3 time zones. Of the 3 they mention, I’d say Tampa. But would they consider Nashville?

I don’t know how well Buffalo fans travel, but the Raiders owners was pissed off that Chiefs fans had “taken over” the stadium.

As reported, both Detroit and Indianapolis are out. Either of those would have made sense for all cities possibly involved.

See my earlier comment. I had the same experience seeing the Rams here in 2016 and the Chargers in 2017. Bills fans will travel well.

On a related note, The Athletic just posted an article talking about how Lamar Hunt wanted the conference championship games to be played at a neutral site. I have heard that idea floated before too. I disagree with it big-time. If they did that, that would take away an incentive to play for a better record.

All right, I read the article.
To be fair, I don’t think the author is anti Chiefs, he is a gambler that looks at literary minor advantage in a match up.
I think his reasoning is flawed (kc made a better argument regarding time zones), but he probably gets paid per article and needed content.

I didn’t think he was anti-Chief’s either. I just thought he was lazy and writing stuff for the sake of writing stuff. I agree with your assessment.

Slightly off topic.
My brother in law is my gambling buddy and he called one of the alleged “experts” for their free picks and compared them to his own and he did better over a three week period.

The thing is…the “expert” still made money.

He does, but most of them will give you a free sample before you have to pay.
That is what my BIL did.