Hey Parrot! Do you see a problem with this column?

I am not talking about the grade given to McDaniels.

@mcarley may have an issue with it too.

Give me a hint.
Hard to find fault in the meat of the article.

We discussed McDaniels’ tenure in Denver earlier. You were critical of one of his actions. When did he do it?

Drafting Tebow?

No. Look at how the article describes how McDaniels’ first season in Denver began. I am not talking about the opening record.
Edit: For clarity, I am talking about how the Broncos opened the actual football season.

Orton was the qb.

Yes, Cutler threw his hissy fit and got traded before McDaniels’ first season started.

You would think some columnists would pay a bit more attention to make sure they have their facts straight before pulling the trigger on an article.

As another example that I am sure you can remember, many years ago I read an article about how linebacker Tom Cousineau signed an offer sheet with the Houston Oilers in 1982. It said that Jerry Glanville was their head coach at the time. Glanville was not the Oilers’ head coach until the final three games of 1986. That was lazy journalism, in my opinion.

Cutler threw a hissy fit when McDaniels picked a fight with him. Both were at fault.

Orion and McDaniels started out 6-0, but it was all downhill from there.