Hey, KC. This column is for you. (Re: Cincinnati Bengals)

They are perhaps the cockiest team in the playoffs in a long time. Mahomes is looking better than I expected. They say a sprain like he has takes 4 to 6 weeks to heal. He’s had 8 days and looks okay. Will they win? As I write this we are up 10. I hope that they beat them, if for nothing more so that we can send them a picture of the stadium with something like “sorry bout what happened at Burrowhead”.

All I have to say is chili does not go on spaghetti!!

I do have to say that it would appear that the refs are pulling for the Bengals. 2022 will go down as perhps the worst year ever for NFL officiating.

That ending should make you happy, @kcflyer.

When you commit the penalty that keeps your team out of the SB and get injured on the same play, ouch!

HEY!!! we ruined their burrowhead stadium renaming party. A gimp quarterback missing 3 of his primary receivers. It was close. But even if they lose the Super Bowl…this game might humble the arrogant bastards.

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It does. My son will be happy. He likes Mahhomes

I just saw the interview. “BURROWHEAD MY ASS!” :rofl:

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That is one of the worst penalties I have ever seen.
Sometimes I think the refs should swallow their whistle, but that one was justified.

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It’s weird, I’m already seeing people arguing it. I don’t think it was malicious, but it was an easy call.

Ahhhh! Skyline is the best!