Hey Californians, Missouri doesn't appreciate your boat driving skills!

I can’t imagine how fast this boat was going when it made landfall.

You sound like Weenut now. :grinning:

Started reading the article,mentioned that the incident happened around midnight. Said to myself…bet that alcohol was involved. Sure enough, the operator of the boat was charged with Boating Under The Influence.

I suspect alcohol and boating is likely far worse than alcohol and driving.

I was gonna post this just for this line in the article I saw

“The boat ran aground and struck home, causing it to overturn and eject all eight passengers. No one on board was wearing a life jacket.”

I’m sure the lifejackets would have helped as they flew through the air

Had this discussion with my daughter as we were looking at this article.
It is, but it is much harder to enforce.

I think the point was to show the overall stupidity of the boaters. Not wearing life jackets shows this, though I do see your point.

Depends on where they landed. As I recall, boats are typically driven in water.

Off topic[old joke]. What are the 2 best days in a Boat owner’s life?

#1 The day they buy the boat.
#2 The day they sell the boat.

Another definition of a boat.

A hole in the water you pour money into.

The only thing better than owning a boat is having a friend that owns a boat.

Early on both of our kids were involved in summer activities so we knew we could not be “boat/lake” people. We go down a couple of times a year and either use my FIL’s boat or rent one.

they fell through the air and hit a house or the ground

The thing I don’t get - nobody would ever drive up to an airport, rent a cessna…never having even been a passenger in one before…and go flying. Yet damn near anybody with a full cooler of beer and a credit card can rent a boat and take to the lakes…without a clue as how to operate it.

What’s scarier is anyone can vote and have kids.

One thing I give the military credit for.
You had to pass a test (not really hard, but not exactly easy either) to get a permit to rent a boat on base. In the 90’s I rented a pontoon in Ft. Lewis, WA with about 10 or so of us. A bunch of people gathered at the front while I was driving and it started to tilt forward enough for the prop to come out of the water. I literally saw a lifetime of paychecks being deducted flash before my eyes.

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