Here piggy

My neighbor has a wild hog trap setup that is about 100 yards directly in front of my front door. Today he trapped 26. These things are out of control. He has multiple traps and in the last year he is now up to 80 total. According to the experts, you have to kill 70% to keep the population from expanding.

Friend of mine owns a ranch in Texas. The wild hogs are definitely an issue for them.

I’ve had close encounters driving through west Texas country roads.

Is there any use for them, dead or alive? I’ve not heard of one.

Sausage. That’s about it.

I’ve heard the meat is awful. I’ve never had it.

I know some guys who hog hunt in south Ga. They tell me that the hogs in swampy areas just can’t be made to taste good. Hogs from higher ground areas can be pretty good if you know how to fix them.

They are often gamey and not like the corn fed pork we typically eat. Last time cut one up, there was not much fat. The best size to eat is less than 100#. They can have many diseases so you must cook well done. Some of the diseases you can get from handling raw meat if you have a cut on your hand. I personally would eat them but my wife (veterinarian) wont eat them and wont let me feed them to the kids.

The neighbors are going to take them out to the woods where the pigs and coyotes will have a feast for a few days. Last time i shot some and i hauled them out to the woods, the next day there was no evidence that dead pigs were disposed of. Just a black spot on the ground.

Im seeing more dead hogs on the side of the road here. These are harder to see at night then deer. They are usually shorter and dont have eye shine. A few years ago i saw hogzilla. My guess was 350#. It was a massive hog.

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