Called my Dentist for 6 Mo appointment.
First they have available is February.

What is going on?
I like the Dentist… do not want to change.

My Insurance gives me 2 cleanings a year.

Could be they’re just popular, though that is a long time. I know when I book my appointments, if I cancel, it will be several months before I get another.

I book my next appointment while I am at the Dentist for 6 months out…

Maybe tell them that if there is a cancellation to give you a call. I am sure that with Dentist appointments, people cancel all the time.

First of all, 12% of the licensed dental hygienists retired for good during COVID. There has been, and still is, a shortage of hygienists.

Given a the personnel shortage and the high wages that we have to pay, the LAST patients to be given appointments are DMO patients or patients on crummy PPO plans like Delta Dental. I never saw DMO patients and quit seeing new Delta Dental patients. Why would I want to treat patients I am supposed to give a 25% discount when my overhead is 70%? And there are plenty of non-insured patients to be treated.

You did not believe me when I last told you, but the only way to make money treating DMO patients is to collect the monthly stipend and make appointments very difficult to obtain.