Help me cut the cord! Looking for my options to get some basic channels

I have Apple, Paramount, Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Prime, Paramount, maybe HBO Max and Showtime Now, mostly through my gf. I’m thinking Youtube Live would round all this out for me but open to other options.

Do you need advice in cutting the TV cord or the GF one?

I can cut the gf cord but remember I’ll lose most of my streaming capability. I’d be stuck with Netflix and Prime…she’d have to really piss me off for that to happen.

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I have Netflix, Prime, Paramount, Disney, and Hulu. I need to find a GF with HBO Max and Apple TV. I’m sure there’s a dating site for that.

I’ve had YouTube TV for a few months and have been happy, $65 a month and is decent. I like it has the local channels so I don’t need an attena. We also have HBO Max (free), Hulu with commercials ($2 a month), Netflix ($20?) And my kid has Disney+ we occasionally watch. Also we have a decent sound bar so we’ll use Spotify to stream music through the TV.

Edited to add… YouTube TV is good for people who travel, have multiple homes or have kids away at college. You can watch anywhere but have to log on from your home area once every few months.

I have Youtube TV and its like $70 a month but you can share with other people I share with a buddy so its only 35. I have verizon so I get Hulu and Disney + for free. I have ATT for internet and get HBO max for free.

That’s all I need

I have Hulu live with the ESPN+!and Disney+ bundle

Just curious, but in order to watch “everything” it seems like you have to have a shitload of streaming service. I thought that the hope of streaming was to save money from cable. So with Hulu, Disney, Netflix, Youtube, Prime and Paramount (among others) are you saving any money?

That’s the exact same impression I get when people start listing their myriad streaming services. They’re paying all these subscriptions rather than one.

I have Netflix and Disney+ (and Prime, which we would not pay for simply for video), and I feel like we don’t watch them enough to justify the expense.

Can’t imagine paying for more.

Can only speak for me, but Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu are all bundled, so that it pretty inexpensive.
Hulu live does cost more. I get PrimeTV free because of my amazon Prime account. Netflix is extra, but all of these still is much cheaper than my old cable bill.

Ealrier i had said you tube live but i meant hulu live. Thats what i need to get. My gf bought hulu live for one day, to watch the super bowl.

Keep in mind that a good old fashion outdoor antenna will bring in a ton of channels, at least around Atlanta. Our Samsung smart tv gets a lot of free channels on line that apparently is specific to Samsung. Between the two probably close to 75-100 channels.

Not really. My solution was to keep the DVD version of Netflix. That way, if something comes on a channel or streaming service I don’t have, I could still eventually get it. But that doesn’t really work anymore because they’re just not releasing things on DVD anymore. Even some movies aren’t getting a DVD version. They want us to subscribe to ALL of them.

My wife will still occasionally watch a DVD, my kid doesn’t own any DVD’s or CD’s and said he never will.

The problem with streaming is exclusive content, if you want to watch Stranger Things or Ozark you need Netflix. Apple has a few shows I’d like to check out, but don’t want to pay for another service for a couple shows I might like.