He could do something bipartisan, but he won't

3 trillion and a gigantic tax increase during an economic slowdown.

Is it possible? Will Republicans cooperate in any way on infrastructure?

Some commentators have stated that, if the Senate doesn’t have the votes, Schumer may get the bill through under budget reconciliation or as an amendment to a prior bill. I don’t know how that would work.

I will predict that any tax increase that passes will be less, likely substantially less, than the expenditures.

Infrastructure bills have historically had bi-partisan support.
But 3 trillion and draconian tax increases as a starting point ain’t going nowhere.

What infrastructure bills? When did we last have a significant one?


There will be a huge strain on building materials and labor markets. It is nice to talk about all the jobs something like this will create. The reality is the construction companies that get the contracts will be hiring experienced heavy equipment operators from their current jobs. The jobs are not shovel ready jobs. This will also cause a massive strain on all your building materials like concrete, steel, and wood.

I agree that we could really benefit from infrastructure improvements but we need to do it smart. Start off with free training programs to learn to use a dozer and other heavy equipment. Also it would need to be phased in because a multi trillion surge is going to create unintended consequences with significant price increases in the everyday goods that we use. For example, skyrocketing steel prices will send car prices soaring.

I fear that the rate we are going with spending, we are going to see massive inflation.

What do you think is needed and how should we pay for it? Roads, bridges, trains, dams, rural internet access, etc., we are way behind.

I don’t think a multi-trillion dollar surge is all coming in one year.

I haven’t traveled around the country to tell you what is and isn’t needed.
But I will give you a list of three yes’ and three no’s.

  1. Flynt, MI water.
  2. Interstate Highways
  3. Rural internet
  4. Airports
  5. Rail
  6. “Green” energy

I doubt it, there is no bipartisanship in Washington. On either side.

Sure, if democrats are willing to spread the cost to EVERYONE instead of expecting the people who pay 90% of the costs NOW. Are dems ready to have everyone have some skin in the game?

True, this is an excellent chance for Biden and the democrats to show they aren’t partisan assholes. Do you think they’re up to it?

Anybody tried to take an Uber or Lyft lately? Shortage of drivers like I’ve never seen before.

They’re sitting at home collecting $600 weekly unemployment stipend.