Hard to believe (how much time has passed)

Forty-two years ago Caddyshack was released.

Fifty years ago MASH premiered on CBS.

I saw this old couple the other day then realized we went to high school together. :smiley:

I’ve tried to watch Caddy Shack and a few other movies I loved from my youth with my son and he was like “meh”. Although when it comes to the Simpsons he likes the first few seasons the best and he’s a pretty big Star Wars fans.

That was my reaction to Caddyshack as well. Just couldn’t get into it. Didn’t live up to the hype for me.

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I was likely among the handful of the living who hadn’t seen Groundhog Day until a couple of years ago. I’ve never warmed to Billy Murray, and I assumed it was overhyped. I finally broke down and watched it, mostly because my wife’s a Murray fan. I found the premise and execution to be much better than expected, and Murray was more than tolerable being intolerable for most of the film. Of course one of South Carolina’s finest exports, Andie MacDowell, was her usual beautiful, talented self. (BTW, if you have Netflix, and haven’t tried the limited series Maid, it’s more than worth a look. The prime protagonists are Andie and her young adult daughter who’s not quite the beauty, but has the talent gene).

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