Happy birthday Elvira

The mistress of the dark turns 70 today. Dang…I wish I could find a 70 year old woman who looks this good, although she is only 69 in this photo

There has been a LOT of work done to look that good, not a fan. I date women in their 40s, perhaps my opinion will change if I ever date women in their 60s/70s.

I have an internal thought…please don’t share this with my girlfriend…

‘No matter how old I get, women in their 40s never seem to turn 50’.

IMO, she has always been much more attractive outside of her “Elvira” character.

maybe she has…but - watch an interview with her. She’ll win you over with her personality. And if she’s had work, it’s not overdone. Some seem to be so stretched that they look like their face would crack if she hit wall.

She also suffered third degree burns over 35% of her body when she was scalded by boiling water when she was 2.

I think she’s actually aged better looking.

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