Gun Prices?


The last time I bought a gun, Obama was in office. I haven’t really been tracking prices much since my coworker let his FFL lapse. I was browsing last night and I was shocked at how cheap some guns currently are. I impulsively purchased (Shield 9mm) for $249. I don’t even need it but hey $250 is only a couple trips to McDonalds. Not only are prices lower, there are way lower on inflation adjusted basis. I do have a bid outstanding on gun broker for a S&W 460v that I have wanted for a long time. It’s not what I would really call a deal but I wanted one long enough.

I am struggling not to go on a buying spree today.
Ruger AR10 for $899
Kimber 1911 .45 for $599
AR15 pistol for $350
AR15 7.62x39 for < $400
Walther PPS 9mm for $325 (I already have one but at this price its hard to resist)

I also noticed that ammo prices are finally a reasonable price again. I am trying to decide if its the right time to buy another 5K rounds.

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I’m trying to buy a p90 for my car. They’re still about 1800

From memory, that’s a heck of a price for a Kimber.

It’s been so many years since I’ve bought ammo. You guys have any recommendations for online?

P90 is an FN.

FN P90 - Wikipedia This site tracks the best prices. Sometimes you need to watch shipping costs. I use to buy in bulk from because it is only 30 miles from my house.

Here is the website for finding guns.

I was thinking about getting a AR15 pistol or AK47 pistol for vehicle use. Its crazy that you can carry these fully loaded in the front seat; however, you can’t carry a loaded rifle. The solution is just buy the pistol version.

That P90 is a SBR that required the $200 tax stamp. The PS90 is a rifle. The AR and AK pistols are effectively a SBR without the butt stock which alloys you to buy them without the tax stamp. Also the P90 is defined as a rifle so you can’t carry it loaded in your vehicle so its not really a good choice for a vehicle gun.

Depends on your state.

Does anyone have a good source for 9mm reloads? (good for practicing at gun range).
I use to buy from a place online and it went out of business.

If you go to ammoseek, there are plenty that are in the $.20/rd but they charge steep S&H and when you add shipping it is .26 or so per round. You can get new Winchester at SGA that includes free shipping for about $0.27. SGA is big online only place that is near my house. I have bought probably 10,000 rounds from them over the years.

Will give them a try.