Guess where vegan meat comes from

Disturbing news.

Vegan Meat is made out of people! Its PEOPLLLLLlllleee!

Small backstory.
A murder happened locally, body cut up and buried.

Use your imagination as to what the freezer was used for before being sold.

Another case in the ozarks. I heard about this for years. My cousin lives in the area. Turns out the stories are true.

I remember reading about that one.
Forgot the particulars.

This is an old story, but a couple of decades earlier my wife graduated from the high school mentioned in the article and she had this guy for high school biology.

Three years in the freezer???

Yep. He must have kept paying the electric bill. The daughter kept asking why the freezer was locked and he kept avoiding answering. She finally decided to find out herself.

I don’t understand road rage, just say “what an asshole” and move on with your journey.

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Probably the smartest (non-BBQ) thing you’ve ever said here.

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I’ve asked my gf AND daughter to please refrain from throwing up the middle finger while driving. Get shot by some loon on your own time, leave me out of it. I think they’ve both dialed it down a bit after receiving that advice.

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And here I thought they were herding and butchering little Vegans from Vega in the Lyra constellation.

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