Group think, climate modeling, and alarmism

Climate alarmists like to argue that the temperature of the Great Dying was only 10C warmer then today when it appears the start of the period was 18C and the end temperature was 35-41C

By underestimating the previous temperature, we are so much closer to an irreversible tipping point?

But if climate change is so bad, why haven’t billions of people starved to death? Does carbon dioxide have more beneficial then harmful properties for the global food supply? On the flip side, how has technology such as fertilizer or hydroponics helped us adapt to the harmful nature of climate change and overpopulation?

By the way, before becoming an accountant, I always have had an interest in ecology. It’s important to have thriving ecosystems whether that’s polar bears killing seals on ice or on the beach or as a grizzly/polar bear hybrid. We should have more of those man eating killing machines so we can coexist. By the way, the grizzly bear by contrast very rarely kills humans.