Great-Grandma Loses Her Life Savings from Phone Scam — And Her Bank Won’t Refund Her

“I received a call one afternoon from someone who claimed to be from the Commonwealth Bank fraud department,” she told

“He had an Indian accent, but spoke clearly in English and appeared highly educated and very patient. He was able to quote my account numbers and balances.

and it’s too bad for her. should have hung up and called the bank

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That’s why they go after older people. They think they’re less sophisticated.

It’s not clear why the bank wouldn’t refund. In most cases, I’d think it would be required.

Happened it in Australia, no idea what their banking rules and card protection is. Here in US she wouldn’t be on the hook for credit card charges.

Another reason why elderly people are vulnerable to scams is because they grew up at a time when most people were honest and scams like this didn’t exist

Which is why I am skeptical of pretty much everything.

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I am being blackmailed, can you please send money to my bank account?

Wait until I get my inheritance transferred from the Nigerian prince.

I don’t think people are necessarily less honest than in the past. We’re just exposed to a lot more with technology.

Credit card probably, debt card maybe not, Venmo nope you lost it