Got covid again

I got Covid again. This time, I have very little respiratory issues but I have some intense body aches and fever. My girls also got it and they are pretty much over it with very mild symptoms.

Hope you continue to have a mild case.

My kid got it on our recent trip. Living in the same house, I never got it.

How many times? I’ve only caught it once. I’ve been exposed a lot but I used common sense and not faucci black magic to avoid catching COVID.

I have a sinus infection so my family made me take a test.
It was negative.

I had one so bad I thought it was Covid. I could barely breathe. Test kept saying negative but I wouldn’t be shocked if it was Covid. It was just like before major congestion and a little fatigue

  1. The body aches and pains are pretty bad with this case.

Well if you’d worn a mask. You wouldn’t be dealing with this.


You’re joking, right?

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Actually if other people wore a mask he wouldn’t be dealing with this. The experts said masks are to protect other people.

Yes. It’s sarcasm.

We need a sarcasm and popcorn eating emoji.

I thought that one was more obvious since I have mocked masks since the beginning of COVID. I think that caused a lot of the spread was Faucci claiming they’d protect people when they really don’t. People gave up other practices that were much more likely to slow COVID because of the bad information spread.

I’m on my way to recovery. 2 days of body aches and fever. Now I have a minor cough and weird metallic taste.

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