Good news for the easily offended

Yahoo comments have become a “safe space” I had the following comment rejected because they found it offensive:

Can a 55 year old afford to wait for that 40 year horizon.

That’s considered offensive. Give me a break.

What was the comment pertaining to? Retirement?

Yes. It was an article about savings isn’t going to be enough and someone was saying that these naysayers aren’t looking at the 40 year horizon. I simply posted that exact reply - and Yahoo found it offensive. I know I can be an asshole at times, but dang, I don’t think that was offensive.

I don’t see anything offensive about that, it’s an honest observation.

I know. But Yahoo has gone so far the other way as to not to offend that it’s become a joke. They will block a post that has “BS” in it, and in celebrity article about how some aging actress still has a “tight butt”,using that term (that they used in the headline AND throughout the article is considered offensive.

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Another example of easily offended people…in an article about Dogecoin someone mentioned Tuplips and another poster replied with “that is mostly a myth”. So I put on my offensive hat and responded with “Beanie babies weren’t a myth”. Deemed offensive.,

The tulip thing actually wasn’t a myth either.