Good news for Democrats

The Parliamentarian ruled that the $15 minimum can’t be passed via reconciliation.
This means that they have cover to pass the stimulus bill without it.

Can we censure this woman and remove her form committees?
She is seriously dangerous. Wants to fire the rule keeper.

Rather than fire the parliamentarian, I say get rid of the filibuster. Supermajority rules are idiotic and antidemocratic.

They keep mob rule at bay.

Ask Harry Reid how getting rid of the filibuster on judges worked out.

Now, on to the other question.
Do you believe Omar should be censured for threatening, intimidating, and harassing a non partisan, career federal employee?

Most people don’t care about the Anti Semites in government because less than two percent of Americans are Jewish and it is currently socially acceptable to be Anti Semitic. However, I have found that most Anti Semites, like Omar, also hate our country the way it is and want to fundamentally change it.

You don’t think it’s fair just to fire people you disagree with? I will admit I didn’t even know about this position. I had never heard of it until now.

I will say based on the rules I agree with her ruling. This needs the larger vote to pass.

Me either, interesting that Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer have over 120 years collective experience in DC but still don’t know the rules and they have to be spelled out to them by an obscure government employee.

I don’t think Omar is anti-Semitic. I do think you’re a bit selective in your definition. Omar criticizes Israeli policy and you call her aniti-Semitic. I’ve never heard you say a word about Marjorie Taylor Greene and the “Jewish Space Lasers,” an obviously anti-Semitic person. There are dozens of other examples. It seems your definition is about party and Israel, not about anti-Semitism.

Do you believe that that one tweet from a representative who has absolutely no authority over that career federal employee equates to threatening, intimidating and harassing her?

Yes, it sends a message. Do what we want or your job is on the line.

Now, if other Democrat members of Congress call her out on it, then it doesn’t, but I highly doubt that will happen.

She should be removed from office. You don’t screw with the rule of law. The woman did as she was hired to do. All she did is say it need the 61 votes. I agree. Not because I am opposed to the 15 dollars. I have said I am more eh about it but it doesn’t fit the law.

Here, Cruz said the same thing several years ago, and a member of the GOP from his State called him out on it.

They need to make it clear, threatening the parliamentarian isn’t acceptable. There needs to be a process to remove them if needed but threatening when you disagree isn’t the right way.

Show me where Ilhan Omar has any authority to fire this person.

Omar is just blowing hot air and making herself look stupid in the process. Her saying that means as much as me saying it.

I bet she would be flattered, though, at the power of her words that you have given her.

If someone in her party calls her out for it I agree. If they don’t, then it is a very clear message. Do as we say or file your unemployment paperwork.
I posted a link to Ted Cruz saying the same thing and him being called out on it by the GOP from his own State.

Edit to add: She serves at the pleasure of the Senate Majority Leader, so Chuck Schumer needs to publicly denounce Omar’s remarks, if not, he is complicit.