Good for Klobuchar

She didn’t take the bait from Tapper.

She may be the one to run in 2024.

I’d be inclined to send her another $25…that might get her over the top. That is the only candidate I’ve ever donated money to.

That was classy. She talked about the vaccine talked about modeling the behavior then talked about dole.

I don’t know much about her but that interaction was classy.

Had she been the nominee in 2020 I would have voted for her.

I don’t know enough about her to say I would or wouldn’t. I’d have to hear their stance on many topics.

While @sgtFriday @PSCOTT think i have a fascination with trump. I don’t. I think he did a good job and his policies were solid but overall I haven’t liked Trump since I met him.

She voted with his policies 30% of the time.
Which shows she is not far left, but is reasonable.

She wrote a book a couple of years ago. I don’t usually read political books, but a friend was supporting her and lent it to me. Not bad. Apparently, she has a new one that came out in April.

That’s because she’s a democrat. IF it was a Republican who voted on Democratic polices since 2000, they would be considered a RINO who caved. Interesting that this was at the funeral of a great RINO. He got that way because he felt that if you get 51% of what you want, you win. That’s not enough these days. But his passing may officially end the era of any compromise. FWIW - I voted for Dole in 1996.

John McCain and Mitt Romney both won the GOP nomination for President.

IMO, Klobuchar is one of the Senators that is very thankful for Manchin and Sinema for taking the heat on the reconciliation bill.

Both of them were also called RINOS when they ran.

But the voters chose them to represent the GOP.

Today they wouldn’t stand a chance, and I’m sure they’re despised by at least 40% republicans.

Do you see how Manchin and Sinema are treated?

Nice subject change. In case you didn’t notice the 40% number I threw out, that’s Trumps base. No republican that appears reasonable and honorable can get Trumps base to vote for him/her.