Going to order a 23 ford maverick

My 22 mav now has 25k miles. Im going to order a 23 mav and sell my 22 when it comes in. The market is insane!!!

I paid $26.5k and currently have 25k miles on it. I can get a different confirmation ordered for about $24k. Dont need awd. The kbb for my 22 is way higher than i paid. Considering ill put on another 15-20k miles, ill probably be able to get a new one and a couple grand for my used one.

Do you have a connection at Ford where you can pay msrp for the new Maverick? I was shopping for a half ton a few months ago and looked at F150, it was a Lariat with a ‘market adjustment’ of $7000. That made it $71,000 for a truck with no leather, and Lariat is mid-level trim.

I ended up with a Ram 1500 Limited with all the goodies for $59,000…Ford is very proud of their trucks. The Ram has exceeded all expectations, with the air suspension and giant back seat that folds up it’s basically a Limo with a truck bed.

I have seen used hybrid Mavericks for $45,000 which is just beyond crazy to me.

If you order and wait 7+ months you can generally get them at msrp. If you go shopping at the lot, expect to pay $10-20k above msrp

As long as we have full employment id expect these prices to remain high. You might seriously consider ordering a few of these to resell. And if the bottom drops out, you can just cancel the orders.

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