GM behind the curve with their "Tesla Killer"

Talk about not reading the room.

GM is getting ready to produce a luxury EV SUV that will almost certainly cost near $100,000 and Tesla is getting ready to release a car that sells for less than $30,000.

That is it the new UAW deal allows GM to even begin production on it.

GM has phased out the Bolt and is postponing their e truck for over a year.

GM delays EV production at Michigan plant to 2025 | Automotive Dive.“affordable,defects%20with%20supplier-manufacturer%20batteries.

According to KC if you delay something you are a failure.
GM needs to shut down their company now.

Lol…GM’s CEO wasn’t raised in a billionaire family so they get a break.

IMO opinion all traditional car manufacturers are going to be screwed going electric over the next decade because the public’s not ready for the transition. Tesla is the exception, especially if they can release the Tesla 2 for under $30k in the next 2 years here.

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They were already behind the 8 ball, the new UAW contract really screws them.

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Large companies take years to pivot. If I’m spending 100k on a competitor to Tesla, wouldn’t I buy a Tesla?

No, cause Elon bad!!!

I have an idea that a Caddy will hav a bit more luxury that a cyberfuck…wait…that’s not an SUV, it’s a truck. What’s the name of the Tesla SUV?

Is that their luxury SUV at that price?

Article in the WSJ a couple of days ago stated that Rivians, which retail for $80-120K, cost about twice that much to manufacture. That’s not a winning business plan.

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No, that starts at under $70,000, which you could buy that, and the economy Tesla for the same price as an internal combustion Caddy Escalade. The EV Escalade is going to be a 1 percenter vehicle, but it is being labeled as the “Tesla Killer”.

The Rivian pick up is pretty cool, but not for the price or range.

The Escalade is for old, well off white guys that want to buy American, limos and wanna-be drug dealers. I doubt an E version will do well.

What’s the name of the Tesla SUV. They have an AWD sedan, but those aren’t SUV’s

No, its their entry level vehicle for under $30k which is a whole new market for E vehicles. GM tried and failed so they’re going after Tesla and are going to lose.

Model Y?

From Teslas description;

"With the most power and quickest acceleration of any SUV, Model X Plaid is the highest performing SUV ever built. "

From the Tesla Website…funniest looking SUV I’ve ever seen. Toyota should have called the Prius an SUV since I put my bike in the back of one of those.

I parked near one the other day and they are also huge, higher and longer than other pickups. They also weigh over 7,000 lbs.

The whole SUV term is a joke, they’re all built on automobile frames. My girlfriend has a Genesis GV70, it’s fun to drive but give me a european station wagon any day. More room than a SUV and hella more fun to drive.

Half the moms under 40 in my neighborhood would get a $50k Jeep Wrangler, get tired of how crappy it was in a year or 2 and then get a loaded Expedition or Suburban. There are quite a few Tesla’s in my neighborhood, all different models but mostly driven by men.