Was there a glitch that made all the system post go crazy?

If this is not a glitch,is there a way to put an entire board on ignore?

Tap the category, at the bottom of the post. It will go to a page where you can tap the bell and mute that category


???, don’t see anything that says category.

We should be able to put System on ignore like any other poster…

Same here.

Parrot told me how to do that above. It worked. Winter set up a new Daily Mail board. Follow Parrot’s instructions and mute that board. All of fhe posts from that board disappear.

It does work, click on one of the posts and then click the Daily Mail category. That pulls up all the Daily Mail threads, on the right side of the page is a bell. Click that and then mute and the threads disappear.

That finally worked but I had to click on all categories on the right before I every saw “daily mail”. Once in there I was able to click the bell and mute.

You open any Daily Mail thread, under the thread title is the category, in this case ‘Daily Mail’. Click that and then on the right is the bell where you click ‘mute’.

My issue was I didn’t see the Daily Mail threads. Here’s how it comes up

I had to click on “all categories” on the left to get “daily mail” to display

After that, open the category and then the bell’

Thanks KC.

I muted but still see all the daily mail posts.

Cause Parrot is an effing genius!!!

I think I hid it for now.

Is everyone seeing it?

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It is gone thank you.