Getting old

This year is super bowl 57. I remember when it was single digits.

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I lost count of the number after XX.

That’s not old. I remember the four (?) Super Bowls before they were named the Super Bowl and renamed retroactively.

I was ten days old when what is now called Super Bowl I was played. I only read about how the game was not what it is today and how they only had about 62,000 people in the LA Coliseum, which held about 94,000 people at the time. Both CBS and NCC broadcast the game.

How times have changed.

According to Wikipedia they started calling it The Super Bowl with the third game between the Jets and Colts.

It was originally called the AFL–NFL World Championship Game until the “Super Bowl” moniker was adopted in 1969’s Super Bowl III.

I can remember when “baseball” and apple pie was the American motto. :rofl:

I remember before the Super Bowl.

. The 1958 NFL Championship Game between the Baltimore Colts and New York Giants was the first ever NFL playoff game to go into sudden-death overtime and is widely known as “The Greatest Game Ever Played.”

Side Story.
My Uncle traveled to New York for this game.
He had a Banner for his car… “Colts World Champs”
I asked Uncle what he would have done if the Colts lost…
He said he had a U to put over the A.

That banner hung in our Basement for many years.

My wife and I are going to a SB party for the food and drink… she doesn’t care who makes the most baskets.


I’m old enough to remember when guys like Roger Staubach and Terry Bradshaw earned less in their entire career than the signing bonus of some kid coming out of school