Since many of you live in Georgia does anyone have an opinion on any of their state colleges.

The only thing I know about GA schools is “I’m a helluva wreck from Georgia Tech, I’m a helluva engineer”

Once upon a time I went down to Tech campus, got out of my car and hollered as loud as I could, “War Eagle! Wreck Tech!” Then I promptly escaped. Enough HotLanta for me.

Opinion here is best state college is a few miles west of the state line. Send kid there and he/she/it/they/them/zir might grow up to be called an Alabama Aggie.

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Did Georgia Tech have a quarter system?

UGA and Ga Tech are both pretty highly rated. UGA is actually tougher to get into than tech. Grandson’s girlfriend got in as a freshman but she aced the ACT. Probably depends on the field of study a kid is interested in.

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Sorry, but this is not a true statement. The acceptance rate at UGA is around 43%. The acceptance rate at GT is around 18%. Its not even close. The Hope scholarship has made it more difficult to get into UGA from the 13 metro Atlanta counties recently. Before that…you could fog a mirror and get in.

According to my son, who was looking nation wide at colleges with low acceptance rates, GT also is hard to get into unless you have some sort of demographic disadvantage.

Saw this thread and this song started playing in my head.

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I heard that Georgia has some merit based scholarships for its state colleges that do not require the student to be financially needy. However even though a student doesn’t have to be financially needy it is harder to get them if you live in an upscale suburb of Atlanta. My granddaughter is also looking at some public colleges in other states. Needless to say I hope she will be able to get a merit based scholarship since she is a top student at a good high school.

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The two best for National Merit that we found were Alabama and Central Florida.
Both offered my son full ride academics due to his National Merit status.

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A kid can get a full ride at 'Bama with a 32 on the ACT.

At the Atlanta airport exit and interstate highway state line there is a sign that says ‘Welcome to Georgia, we’re glad Georgia’s on your mind’.

I went through the college search 10 years ago with my son. A lot of good school in GA. If she has the grades then the Hope scholarship will help. There is also a zell miller scholarship which is also good

Zell Miller Scholarship 2024 Eligibility and Requirements - Therealmina

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