Genesis G70

Does anyone know much about the Genesis G70 AWD car? I never heard of it until I read a number of good reviews about this car that consider it to be comparable to a BMW

They are made by Hyundai and intended to be their high end vehicles, as Lexus is to Toyota and Infiniti to Nissan. Disclosure, we’ve driven Infinitis for a couple of decades.

I’ve seen a few on the road, but have never driven one. They’ve been around since 2007 and have gone through several iterations. There’s also a G80, G90 and a G80 SUV. They get generally good reviews. Here is one.

jimtoo - Thanks for your helpful response to my question :grin:

Don’t think I would go there. Hope it doesn’t compare to a BMW which I will never have again.

Several years ago I did look at Genesis (G80) which at the time branded Hyundai. I was specifically looking for less road noise than was found in modern Camry. Tried a fresh one and the previous generation used, and was not convinced. Thinking the G70 may be like unto Hyundia Azera.

I wound up moving to an Avalon, and then moved away from chip-and-seal highway.

Not familiar, but reviews seem mostly good. Our experience with a Hyundai wasn’t great, but it’s been a while.

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