Gen Z Won't Let Anyone See Their Feet

Weird story. My kid wears his Birkenstocks year around and only with socks if it’s below 60 degrees.

Yes it’s a thing. Big deal with the 14 year old.

Conformity is frustrating because while you disrespect authority, you also have an unquestioning of it. For me, I always question authority but have a high respect for authority. I’m a natural nonconformist so it takes a lot of effort to choose to conform

After reading the link, I agree with this comment from the comment section.

So they’ll post pic in a thong bikini but won’t show their feet because of creeps?

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I think the article is full of shit. My kid won’t even wear socks and shoes unless required. Seems common.

Lost me in the first couple of paragraphs. What high school allows kids to wear flip flops on campus?