Geezer Remembers?

I got to thinking about a song my Dad liked when I was a kid… got me thinking… what is the earliest song you remember.

Extra Points if it was not in the top 10 of the year you remembered.

I was surprised that the one I remember is not on the top 30 of 1953. The local Radio Station played the top 10 in order on Sunday Afternoons.

Anyway… mine is “Secret Love” by Doris Day.

The first big Rock and Roll song came in 1954.

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Connie Francis Lipstick On Your Collar Sing Along Lyrics - YouTube

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I remember hearing Ricochet by Teresa Brewer on the radio in my mother’s car when I was in kindergarten

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My mom played this all the time when I was a kid. I remember her and those days every time I hear it.

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That is the first song I remember dancing to… wonder what happened to a very Irish girl named Eileen. I was not very good but she was great!

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Something by Bacharach, I think… no, make that something by Bach, sorry, it was some time ago.


A+, you must have studied all day. :innocent:

Yes I have and still don’t know how to embed a video. I gave up. :weary:

Go to Youtube, find the Video, play it. Pause it, Copy the Address line.
Go to the post here and Paste it.

I do that but it only posts a link.

Don’t paste the Link here.


Paste it where you normally make a reply to.

I’m done.

Paste the link here not at the top of the Message

Put in here: Youtube etc etc etc

Sister, I did this by copying the link from your post in the address bar of my computer

At the risk of running up my post total, which is important to some here, this post is to try to troubleshoot sisters problem. This is the link she posted. I’m not sure what she is doing, but it worked for me. I can either copy the url at the top of the screen or right click and select copy URL . I just paste it in the body of the message and it works. I used Chrome as a browser…what type are you using Sister? Also, when I paste it, it shows up in the preview window on the right side.

I think I am using windows edge.