Garage Door Monitor

Yes. I should be smart/responsible enough to remember to close the garage doors. I should also be smart enough to remember why I just went into the kitchen. We check the door locks, so why not garage? Just not a habit yet. A couple of days ago a neighbor was kind enough to let me know I’d left one open. As we get older this is most likely to happen.
Does anyone know of an easy-to-use monitor that will remind you after a certain hour to shut it? There are a ton of them out there, but I’d like to hear from someone who’s had a good experience. We have 2 doors and would like to be able to use 1 monitor for both.

What brand is your garage door?

I don’t want to be able to control them, just have a reminder to close them. One monitor I found just uses a camera, but it only works if you look it up on the phone. If I remember to do that I can remember to just look outside.

We have standard Chamberlain openers, but they have so-called smart ones.

That is what I have. Auto closes in if not closed in ten minutes and I can control it via my phone.

Try putting a post it note on the lamp shade next to your bed, or PC screen. Somewhere you’re sure to see it.

Can you set a daily reminder on your phone or watch?

We just have dumb openers. They are excellent and very quiet (compared to our ones, which you could almost anywhere in the house).

A few years ago I installed the smart opener on our garage. It was cheaper than buying two new garage door remotes for our kids (could just download the app).
Then, not long after, I had to buy a new garage door opener and install it, made sure to get a “smart” one so we could access it via the app.
We changed wi fi providers and had to update it, but other than that it is great.

I installed a Chamberlain smart opener a few years ago. Like others have said, you can set an “auto close” time of 1 to 45 minutes. I set mine to 30 minutes.

I’m 66 now, I sometimes forget. I’ll be in my house and I hear the door close. “Oh ***t, I forgot again!”.

It isn’t an age thing, my teenagers forget more often than anyone, that is why I like mine.

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If I had a nickle for every time I turned around on my way to work to check to make sure the garage door was down, I could have retired sooner.

Hey Pete…how are you doing. We’ve been riding by your place kind of frequently lately. I have established a habit of looking in the garage before I go to bed to make sure the doors are closed. I do have one advantage - the police are up and down my street a lot since the station is a mile from my house. One night about midnight my doorbell rang (the dogs went crazy) and it was a cop who told my my garage door was open. My tax dollars at work!

Happened to me once about 10 years ago, my wife chewed my ass, hasn’t happened since.

I had this one a few years ago and then replaced my garage door opener and it has it built in. Works great and easy to install.

You can have it send a notification if the door is open for a set length of time, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, etc. Also if it’s left open after a set time like 10pm. You can also look at the app and it will tell you if the door is open or closed and for how long.

A lot of garage doors have the feature built in. Mine has a setting where if the door is open more then x. It’ll close it or alert you.

That’s what I’m looking for. We work in the yard and leave it open to get things. If it’s still open around 10 we need a reminder.

Things are good here. Nice to know you are still out riding. I run when legs allow.
Also nice to hear a positive about a cop being helpful. Fortunately we have good neighbors. The door issue is pretty minor and only happened this once. However, as we age here it can happen more often. Planning for the future.

I think we rode by your place…was there a huge inflatable slides on your street?