Funny story

A few of us from work go out once a month or so and tonight we were going to stop for a few Holiday beers, but we postponed until next week because of the nasty weather. This dick I work with we never invite found out about us going out tonight, he had the week off and drove 30 miles one way to go to the bar we were going to. Oppps, we weren’t there. :joy:

It’s the little things like this that put a smile on my face

Just curious, but how did you find out? Did he call you guys to complain?

It’s likely he found some better company at the bar because you and your best buds weren’t there.

He called a guy we were going with and asked where we were, that guy called me laughing. I found it funny.

Last summer we went to the hot chicks house after work for a BBQ, when the Dick found out about it the next week he complained to our boss. He said people were having work parties and not inviting everyone. It was pretty weird.

He went because he’s stalking the hot chick that was going to be there. The guy is real creepy and a Dick, you’d probably get along with him :grinning:

Nah, I don’t need to be stalking any hot chicks, I’ve got one beating down my door right now, but I’ll be damned if I’ll let her out. :cold_face:

She’s a brave woman, probably figures being married to you guarantees her ticket to heaven. :grinning:

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