Funny Facebook thread, beggers can't be choosers

There was a local Facebook group with an anonymous poster looking to help a young lady get a job, apartment, car and furniture. People started posting about available apartments, jobs at McDonald’s, Panda Express, Panera Bread, offering cheap cars they had for sale, others had free furniture they would give her and other household items.

That’s when things got fun, the anonymous poster trying to help the young lady got angry because he was looking for a FREE car, a FREE apartment and a high paying job, not fast food. He also was very demanding of the people who were offering free furniture and other things and told them they had a hold the items until she was ready for them. When ask about her job experience it seems that she had none, just entry level minimum wage jobs and hasn’t worked in a few years. The guy got really pissed off when someone told him beggars can’t be choosers, I’m not sure if it was him or the mod of the group that deleted the thread. I almost think it was a bullshit thread because the guy was a complete jerk, but it was funny stuff.

That sounds like a troll post that got a lot of bites.

No, this is the younger generation.

I spend a couple of weeks a quarter in Oregon. Since I am rarely there, I rent a room. At first, I tried local people, but I kept getting I should let them stay for free since I am not using it or charge them 100 a month.

So I went with traveling nurses. I want someone in the home to prevent squatters but I also want to cover the expenses of utilities, etc.

I did offer one person a place to live in return they clean it and pay utilities. They felt that was unfair since I was already paying them. That would have cost them about 200 a month.

People really have lost their minds with all this communist bullshit.

Now I have a traveling nurse who thanks me everytime they pay rent and loves getting a whole condo (For the most part) for 1500 a month.

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That’s what I thought, the guy had an excuse for every suggestion and would get angry and name call when it wasn’t necessary. Also it was an anonymous post which on that group is usually for personal situations like divorce, legal advice, a health issue or mental health reasons where confidentiality would be important.

That was one of the suggestions on the thread, if they can’t afford an apartment there are rooms for rent in the area starting at $600-700 a month and most include utilities. The guy’s response was “she doesn’t want to live with a stranger, what a stupid thing to suggest”.

I have had some strange responses.

I offered to start a group to train people on cybersecurity. The cost would be the text book which they could purchase anywhere. The book cost around 30 dollars.

I was told I should provide meals and the book for free to encourage people to attend. I explained I was giving them thousands of dollars of training for free and I would refer them to six-figure jobs.

I abandoned the idea after it became a shit show.

No good deed goes unpunished.

Yjey think that they are so smart that their first job should be CEO not burger flipper.

They think that they are entitled to low cost housing and free stuff. The free stuff needs to be like new and not some old hand me down couch that has a koolaid stain on it.

Many of these posts are people looking for cash donations. It is a form of online beggars. These people are too good to go stand on the street corner and hold a cardboard sign, they choose to sit on their ass and do the same thing online.

Yep, a lot of people think they deserve what others have worked hard for without putting in any effort or making any sacrifices. You get out of life what you put in.

Lol… When I moved out of my parents house with my buddy we had the crappiest hand me down furniture you could imagine, but we were glad to have it. None of our silverware, plates or drinking glasses matched.

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Our local Residents FB page is a trainwreck!

Half the time I want to create a fake account and just troll.

We have a couple good ones now but for a while some would get so out of hand there would be a mass exodus to a new group started by members of the old group. Some groups had mods on a power trip, have a political agenda and would get butt hurt at the smallest things.

I follow a restaurant critic group that gets out of hand now and then because people can’t stay on topic. Someone will say I went to Joe’s diner, the service was slow and the food not very good, then people will chime in that they’re wrong and Joe’s is the best restaurant ever.

That is why they say housing is a human right. They just want a free apartment to play their PlayStation all day that the government provided for them on their free internet.

Even if I could live that life, I wouldn’t want too. That is boring.

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You’d be surprised, a lot of people don’t mind living in a crappy single wide, driving a crappy car and getting handouts from the taxpayer so they can do nothing all day. It’s like being retired without having to work for 40 years, but I agree that’s boring.

Nope. If someone believes housing is a human right they should invite an “unhoused” individual to live with them, problem solved.

BTW I like how lefties call homeless people “unhoused” now.

Hmmmm…there was a book about how language was changed.
What was that book again?
Somewhere between 1983 and 1985 I believe.

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Their mom wouldn’t let another person in the basement.

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The communism runs strong in the alphabet community. I saw a trans person wearing a che shirt the other day.

Do they know what Che thought of the alphabet people ?

It’s a weird entitled Attitude.

Same with the LGBT for Palestine dopes.


The meme I saw said that’s like chickens for KFC.

There were Jews for the Nazis

I think I have told this story before.
I booked a Jewish Nazi into the county jail once.

I was baffled!!

I find some history just fascinating.

Early on the Nazis weren’t openly anti-Jewish. So I can get early support. They quickly became overtly anti-Jewish and that’s where I don’t get the support