Fun time at the Costco parking lot today

So my wife and I needed to go to Costco today. We thought about going to one a bit further away but which is not as crowded on Saturdays, but we decided to go to the closest one, which tends to be packed on week-ends. Today was no different, and the parking lot of course was jam packed.

While driving around we came up on one guy who was loading his car to leave, with nobody else waiting to take that spot, I stopped behind the spot, and put my turning signal on to indicate we were waiting for it. This guy was taking a bit of time to load his car, which is normal for Costco. I was happy to wait.

A few minutes later a woman came down the stem of the T that ended in front of the spot. She stopped there and did not move. I do not believe there was any way she did not see me, but to make it better there was a Costco employee moving carts who saw this. He looked at her and then pointed to me, as if to say I was already there for that spot. She still didn’t move. My wife said she didn’t think that lady was waiting for that spot but she just sat there blocking traffic. The guy was getting ready to leave and I could see what was about to happen. Her window was down, so I put my window down and yelled across the lot, “Excuse me. We were here first waiting for that spot.” My tone was like I was not playing games either. She looked at me and got this really annoyed look, but then drove away.

For the most part people at Costco are polite in the parking lot and will recognize when they can see a car that is obviously waiting for a person to leave. Still, occasionally there is somebody like that.

Almost every time we go to Costco, we park at the back of the lot. We just got tired of dealing with the people crowding the first few lanes trying to park as close to the door as possible.

When we left on our road trip 10 ten days ago, we stopped for gas at our Costco for gas a little after 7 a.m. (when they open) [$4.45 premium]. The lines were as long midday or weekend. We filled up this past Friday midday in Ringgold GA, the lines at that Costco were about the same length (but premium was $3.99, regular at $3.59 - cheapest we’ve seen so far).

It’s a big joke to me.

People with ambulatory faculties spending more time waiting for a parking space than they would spend round trip walking to and from a farther space.

And far more energy too, including getting into shouting matches. It’s retarded.

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I seem to remember an actual study years ago that said you save time by parking farther away

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I always try to park next to the cart corral so I can load my car and leave. My Costco has double lines separating the parking spaces which is nice, don’t have to worry about some dick parking too close.

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The annoying thing I see occasionally at my Costco is people walking in after showing their card then stopping and blocking the entrance. It’s usually a obese couple or family oblivious to what they’re doing, very annoying.

Yes that is annoying but it’s why they have such a wide foyer. That said I park far away too

I do the same thing, parking next to the cart coral. whether that is at Costco or a supermarket.

In fairness, Costco just about invites that by setting up several displays right were you walk in, usually with a sales price. People who stop and block the entrances are looking at what is on sale. I do not understand why Costco has that in that one spot of the store.

From what I can see, for the most part I think Costco customers are pretty good about recognizing how crowded Costco is and doing there best to co-exist with everybody else there. Like I said earlier, there are always the few who don’t do so.

I agree, I probably notice it at Costco more than other stores because my Costco is more crowded and has only one entrance and exit.

They carry that disease around with them everywhere, including airports. Walking off an airplane with lots of people behind them, and they just stop & start fidgeting with their shit.

I feel we should relocate all such people to an especially small desert island. Then they can enjoy like company without disrupting civilized society.

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