Frotz Game

For something a little more fun. I added the Frotz game.

The instructions are in the category Frotz.

Have fun!

As I said from the start the goal is to have little moderation on the forums.

As such I have installed the solved button. If you created the topic, you can make it as solved and it will autoclose. If you feel the topic has went message or it is getting ugly then close it. Just mark it as solved and that will close the topic out.

Currently, this is only enabled in the political forum.

For what it is worth, I don’t think it is a good idea to give the OP the option of closing a thread, especially on the politics board. Based on what went on on the CHB boards, I am guessing you might have a few instances where somebody starts a thread on some hot topic and gets several replies that don’t agree with his or her position. If that poster only wanted opinion that agreed with him or her and was not interested in other opinions, it would be very easy to close the thread for that reason…

Then again, if somebody did that I guess another poster could start another thread on the same topic and point back to the first thread that was closed.

I have to work within the limitations of the software. The original poster can mark it “solved” which closes it. @kcflyer as a level 4 he can close it and the OP can close it.

The idea is if it turns into a shot show, we can just kill the thread and let people calm down. I’m working toward self moderation. Luckily some of the most problematic people have elected not to join our social experiment but we will see how it works.