Fox Nation

After the demise of CNN+, I was wondering how Fox Nation is doing.

Last year, I got a free year as a Special to Vets.
The year is about up… watched some Fox Nation but not a lot, but wondering if I would keep it.

Well I got a Special offer to continue… half price for 1 year with another year thrown in… so 32.49 for 2 years.

Does not take a lot to make that a deal.

In all honesty… not sure what to make of it… are they fighting closing down like CNN+? However there are so few places to get reliable truthful Conservative long form stories… I am happy to support them.

You might head to the grocery store and buy a cheap package of salt, and take a grain every time you believe this. Because from what I’ve seen from you - if the news has even one thing that goes against what you already believe - you disregard them. But Fox or Fox Nation or Fox anything can “bend the truth” as well as any of the “Mainstream media”.

Side question…do you have any idea how Fox got to be the most watched news channel WITHOUT being “mainstream”?

I think Fox probably is rock solid news compared to PragerU but I may have mixed up the two

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