For Your Consideration…

Not a slamdunk by any means, but deserving of serious, informed, balanced consideration… if that’s possible in today’s world.


Cats and dogs are going to start getting along.
I agree.
But this view has been around for over a decade, it just keeps getting shot down.

I am a big fan of nuclear power. There is a risk but it can be managed.

Nice to see a post from you that is not bomb throwing. Didnt know you had it in you…

The problem with nuclear energy is NIMBY even though it is a great solution. I don’t know how you overcome that with the local population. Also, there are the environmental nazi that will fight tooth and nail to stop any plant constructions. If you look at the issues with Plant Vogtle in Georgia it makes you wonder if it can ever happen…

You’re preaching to the choir around here. Go tell your Democrat propagandists to quit brainwashing the public into fearing nuclear.

Hell, a lot of the “choir here” didn’t accept climate change as a threat not too many years ago – some probably still don’t. Of course 115º June temperatures as far north as Vancouver and named storms crashing into the Gulf Coast about 6 weeks to 2 months earlier than normal might start to convince even the most stubborn… or not.

I am shocked, though, to find a bit of agreement with the link I shared. It tempts me to rethink my tepid, tentative support for nuke power. There are a lot of issues that still are bothersome, but there will be tradeoffs in promoting any source, but time’s not on our side anymore, thanks to the resistance. (BTW the last 2 places I’ve lived were within a 15 miles of nuke plants. The one in SC is run by Duke for 30 years and is applying to remain in operation into 2050. The one on FL Gulf Coast was bought be Duke in the early 2000s I think and closed a few years later. The construction on it by a FL Corporation was shoddy in the first place – probably some of the same saltwater concrete used in the Miami Faulty Towers. It was cracking and Duke decided it was beyond repair.)

I don’t care about global warming propaganda. That’s more thought control for intellectually feeble teat sucking consumers.

What I do care about is rendering the corrupt-as-hell oil autocrats of the world — particularly those in the Middle East and South America — economically irrelevant.

These people have way too much global power, and the US government — regardless of the party in power — cannot help itself but to keep doing retarded things like sustaining perpetual war in Yemen & elsewhere at Saudi Arabia’s behest.

But it’s ok if you allow yourself to be brainwashed by global warming fake science and I don’t. We can agree on the superior solution for different reasons and it is still a good thing.

Agreed, up to a point. But, there’s a side issue that will matter a lot if they become economically irrelevant. You’ll have a large population of (disproportionately young) people in a region of the world that is already volatile, with few economic prospects. This is a recipe for extremist violence.

Not that we should continue to prop up oil oligarchs because of this, but it is going to be a concern.

People are for valid solutions. Nuclear is a good solution it done correctly.

Solar. Wind. Etc are good to assist nuclear but as we switch to electric cars, etc we need more power.

Nuclear runs clean but it has to be heavily regulated.

I’m more open to nuclear than I used to be, but there are still two concerns: disposal of very hazardous waste, and potential for a large accident or terrorist attack.

And I don’t believe you’re even out of diapers… how do you expect anyone to consider anything you say seriously?

Agreed, this would be one consequence. However, the reduction of oil’s value would not go all the way to zero.

It might be that the wealthy autocrats can no longer stay in power by controlling their countries’ resources at gunpoint but that these countries can still have functioning economies.

The people of Kuwait live under a guaranteed welfare system and get all their services from foreign laborers from the third world. Qatar as well. I would not pity them one bit if they suddenly had to work for a living. Cry me a river homies.

Projecting again, poopy pants? Right on cue, like a good Democrat voter.

Keep hiding under your bed when the Democrats tell you to. We need plenty of dumb people to keep retailers rich & liar politicians powerful.

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