For those who appreciate classical music

This piece was written for the organ and this girl does a beautiful job with it on the harp. I believe that Hank is an organist…I’d be curious to hear his take on it.

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That is truly awesome KC. My sister does harp but doesn’t have enough dedication or lifetime to ever reach the level of Turk. We had a Sodomite picker here who might be in that same league he was really good.

I do a little Bach myself and even offered a couple of preludes to music director but he does not want as they are usually doing more modern stuff. I guess Session figures younger people don’t appreciate classical so my Bach stays at home; good exercise.

Oh BTW they show a little foot action. On the harp the pedals do not make a sound. They re-tension strings to raise or lower the pitch a half step I think, so each pedal has 3 positions.

I have enjoyed classical music my entire life. When I was a young child, my father played classical music records in our house and took me to concerts in New York City that performed them.

My husband and I had subscriptions to various symphonic orchestras during most of our marriage.

During the last month of my husband’s life I learned the benefits of music therapy. When hospice came to the skilled nursing facility to treat him there, I asked about their music therapy program and told them that my husband loved classical music. A few days later when I went to visit my husband he had a big smile on his face, in spite of all the pain he was in. He then said look what they gave me today and pointed to a CD player that had music from his favorite composers.

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