For Parrot, KC and other Chiefs fans, Taylor Swift will lead the charge for a new team name

At least some people hope so.

The Kansas City Swifties ??

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Fine…if they can tell me what is offensive about Chiefs. Yes…that damned tomahawk chop is offensive, but changing the team name won’t stop that. And I guess they’d need to change the stadium name from that horribly offensive Arrowhead to GEHA field at Ribs Stadium.

Just curious, but what is the politically correct name that the Native America advocacy groups use when they address the leader of a nation/tribe? I though it used to be “Chief” but apparently that is a derogatory and offensive name. Perhaps it’s best that we abolish ANY references to native Americans, save for Casinos.

It still is. In fact, some tribes still have War Chiefs. Next, we will have to do away with Chief Officers in corporations.

It’s offensive. It may change from Chief Executive Officer to “Big Guy” and Chief Financial officer to “money dude”.

Of all the team names Redskins came the closest to being offensive. The only thing wrong with “Cleveland Indians” was Chief Wahoo. And not because of the word "chief’. Is there a push to have Atlanta change their name from the Braves? I don’t find that offensive, save for their tomahawk chop. And don’t they do that chop at Florida State? IF they want to end to offensiveness, maybe they should drop “Seminoles” from their name. But after a century, old habits are going to be hard to break. If they changed FSU to the “Florida Crackers”, first, there wouldn’t be an outcry and second - there would STILL be a tomahawk chop. Same for KC and Atlanta.

Sorry, but you can’t use the term ‘guy.’ It will have to be Big Person, Money Person, etc. If the Big Person really is a big person, then that might be offensive also.


If it’s about skelping Indian heads, I understand the need for a name change. But if it’s about cultural appropriation, we have plenty of useful idiots running around

That crossed my mind after I posted.

Redskins will make a return before the Chiefs goes away.

Neither will happen.

True culture appropriation is a concern for pro sports not just playing the best you can

Politics have entered sports and many fans exited

Maybe, but the Chiefs will never change their name.