For Parrot: Another NFL salary cap article that I disagree with

And, from the same guy that I have criticized before, Andrew Brandt.

Now Patrick Mahomes has signed a lousy contract.

Like I said earlier, this guy did this for a living and has a whole lot of experience that I don’t have in this area, so I would normally be treading lightly in disagreeing with him. However, from what he writes I can not understand what he is thinking, especially when he says that cash matters and the cap doesn’t. Tell that to the Rams, who are going through salary cap purgatory this year.

I kind of get what he is talking about, other than the dig at Mahomes contract.

IMO, he is telling a players agent to “stay in his lane” and leave the cap issues to the team. I get that, mostly since an agent represents multiple players and can’t know the cap issues of every team he is negotiating with.
I really just think the guy is a bad writer. Had he made the argument that “cap matters to the team, cash matters to the player”, it would have made more sense.

I had to go down Memory Lane to find the column that this guy wrote that I thought was ridiculous.

Without really digging into this guys past, my initial thought is that he has never competed on a high level where you need to sacrifice in order to win.
All he cares about is bottom line dollars and cents.

I think you are right. I did a quick Google search and there isn’t even a Wikipedia page on him. All sites refer to his experience with the Packers followed by his media roles. He also doesn’t seem to suffer from a lack of self-esteem either.

Now, also to be fair, by not really caring about the competitive aspect, he probably was really good at dealing with the salary cap. Having no emotion in the game would help with that and with negotiating with agents.

I agree and disagree. If I was negotiating contracts for an NFL team and my star quarterback’s agent offered to work with me on a cap-friendly deal to help him put a better team on the field, I would not cut him off and tell him to only worry about cash and not the cap. Tom Brady obviously had the bigger picture in mind, and it served him well.

I agree with that, but I don’t think this guy really ever had to deal with that, and is kind of making things up.
I am pretty sure neither Favre or Rodger agents were looking for team friendly deals.

Yep, which goes back to my criticisms of him. I wish somebody would hire another NFL cap “guru” with a different perspective.

Here is his LinkedIn page.

He is a contributor to the Amazon broadcasts, I will now have to see if I can pick him out.

I just listened to a clip from earlier this year where he discussed other issues. He is pretty good and knowledgeable. I just think that when he talks the salary cap he is way off-base.