For JimToo, another Detroit Lions coach bites the dust

Maybe the Lions will hire Jim Harbaugh now.

Both were really overdue, but I am a bit surprised that Sheila Ford Hamp (to whom Martha Ford passed the operational responsibility) had the courage to do it. We’ll see how she follows up. The Fords’ history of personnel decision making is rather dismal. So, my expectations are low and I can no longer get my hopes up for that team.

As for Harbaugh, prior GMs may have done that. For a 2-3 decades the Lions had head coaches who didn’t have NFL head coaching responsibility before or after their stint in Detroit. Harbaugh would have been attractive to them. His dismal performance this season may keep him out of the NFL for awhile.

I saw this column earlier this week with this take on the Lions:

I think in this case, overall organizational alignment is a baseline element that’s been missing. Part of it is that the team’s ownership is pretty hands-off (which, to be fair, a lot of football people prefer). Part of it is that so much of the business operation is at Ford Field while the football folks are in the suburbs day-to-day. And this manifests without there being a ton of checks and balances over how the football operation is working.

My belief is that, over the years, that’s allowed for problems, wherever they may be, to fester. Again, most football coaches and scouts want relatively hands-off owners. But the truth is that most good owners are at least creating guardrails for the football people, and making sure certain standards are being upheld. Along those lines, I’m not sure the Fords have done enough in Detroit. Maybe new controlling owner Sheila Ford Hamp will be different. She’s got some big decisions coming.

What is your opinion on this?

The Lions moved to Ford Field three years after I left the area, so I am not up to speed on their facilities’ locations today. It would depend on who is where, and where where is, and I don’t know either. They used to have football facilities in Allen Park, a close in suburb SW of the city and only about 30 minutes from Ford Field. That should not be a problem. My reaction to that comment was I hope that something that simple is not their major problem. Allen Park is 2x further from the old Silverdome than Ford Field.

On a related note, Michigan allowed Penn State their first victory today and Michigan is 2-4 this season. Harbaugh may not last the full season and it raises the possibility that the Ohio State may hit triple digits in their game (unless Michigan finds a positive Covid test and has to cancel the game).

I was being half-sarcastic when I said the Lions might hire Harbaugh. I agree with you that his tenure at Michigan has dimmed his prospects as an NFL coach. At the same time, you never know what the Lions will do.

And Jacksonville just fired its GM.

All the while the Jets are on the way to 0-16 with their coach and GM in place.

Given the Lions’ history of poor management and a losing culture, I don’t expect them to convince the best available individuals to come to Detroit.