Florida Surgeon General calls for halt to COVID-19 vaccine usage


The doctor is right. The FDA and CDC and Slouchy et al LIED and lied and lied. Pfizer and Moderna too, and Creepy Joe who declared that if you get the jab you will not get the covid. Bull s**t!

Truth is if you got the shot, you increase your chances of DEATH. More jabs, more covid and more illness and more side effects. We need to heed the words of the Surgeon General!

Side note: My boss who is probably 20 years younger than me, surely got jabbed more than once, and is far sicker than I am. At least he is alive, unlike wife’s 35 YO niece.

An honest answer would have been: we think we can get herd immunity if we get 95% participation but you will need to keep getting boosters and then we don’t know what side effects will occur. We will monitor but if we notice anything, we don’t want to alarm the public so we will say nothing. For example, the damage to the heart treated with antibiotics is a small price to pay so someone with diabetes or elderly doesn’t die

I think the COVID shot should be seen as a therapeutic similar to an allergy shot: aka it doesn’t work with everyone. Just like it was impossible to achieve herd immunity with the common cold, the vaccine is too ineffective to achieve herd immunity for COVID

well…all I know is that the death rate dropped pretty dramatically. And many of in my bike group in their 70’s and a couple in their 80’s got covid. Several of them said it was like a bad cold, which is better than death. Gotta give a littel credit to the shot.

There are a lot of people that weren’t vaccinated that got Covid and we’re fine. There were also a lot of people that were vaxxed and died of Covid.

Hmm…what to you credit for the dramatic drop in covid deaths? Oh wait…I forget I’m talking with Mr “100% or nothing.” I go the vax and haven’t had covid, my friends who got the vax and got covid had a mild case of it. But since a very slight minimum of people died after the vaccine means it was not worth it for the rest of us to get it.

More people are naturally immune and Covid has run its course for the most part. I know at least a half dozen people that tested positive in the last year and the only reason they knew they had it is because they got tested. They said it felt just like the normal cold.

I remember my kid telling me that they escorted the body of a covid victim to the morgue at least once a day. She was telling me about the lung of a 27 year old mother who died. Said she was a non smoker, but her lung was black. I’m glad I got the vaccine. But thanks to the “anti jabbers”, we may well see a return to polio because “the jab” is the government trying to control you. It’s happened with measles. The louder the anti jab folks got, the more cases of measles started appearing. And the best part is - the only reason so many are anti jab are because they are anti Biden. Had Trump been reelected and then the vaccine introduced, they would have been first in line to get it.

Thank you for your scholarly analysis, but could you provide us with your definition of “a lot” to clarify things a bit?

1,172,229 Americans died from Covid related issues. The other 330+ million Americans didn’t die from Covid.

.00001% because if it’s not 100% it wasn’t worth doing.

We get it, you think the government should have control of individuals health care decisions.

YOu know…when I was born, polio existed. It didn’t when you were born. Want to know why? We had a vaccine. But today we have “antijabbers”. And guess what is starting to show up again.

The polio vaccine took 30 years to fully develop.

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I’m 66. I didn’t think you were part of the “100% or nothing” crew.


YOur comment about the polio vaccine taking 30 years to develop. Polio wasn’t as widespread as Covid so they had the “luxury” of taking their time, although they still started giving it. Today we have a fucking politicized environment that feeds and supports the anti vax whackos that existed before covid…except our division has given them a platform. We basically eliminated polio in 1960 but in 2022, after the “jab” there is so much distrust that we are seeing cases of polio. If were are lucky we might even see some smallpox make a return. IF this is what a “Great” America looks like, I kind of long for the shitty days

Not everyone who is skeptical is a whacko.
Remember, Kamala Harris was a whack before she wasn’t .

Fine. To what do you attribute the dramatic drop in Covid deaths since the vaccine?

I am vaccinated and boosted.
The data says the vaccine was a game changer.
But I don’t consider people who are cautious to be whackos.
I am allergic to penicillin, should I just take it because a Dr who doesn’t know my medical history says to?