Fishing crew denied 3.5 million in a fishing contest

They were talking about this on the radio today. This would suck big time.

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I saw a short article on this.
It seems like a technicality, but still a rule that needs to be updated.

The fish that had a bite taken out of it would weigh less than no bite. The fishermen that got busted adding lead weights to the fish was clearly cheating. This case is my fish is still bigger than yours even after it was chewed on.

Can you imagine the size of the shark that thought it could eat a 600 pound fish?

I think the argument is (and not a good one) that since the fish had been attacked it was not as strong and easier to be fully reeled in.

That makes more sense.

I don’t know. They fought that fish for 6 hours. And on the other side of “the shark weakened the fish”, how do they know that the shark didn’t bit it 15 minute before it was brought on board.

When I went deep sea fishing with my dad, there was a contest for the biggest fish caught, by weight. For a while, it looked like the one my dad had caught might be the winner, or at least close. Then, some guy got one that was obviously biggest. My dad decided to have his weighed anyway, and dropped a couple of his 5 lb weights down the fish’s throat. Their jaws dropped when the weight came in until he revealed the trick.

From the thumbnail, there looks to be close to 20 people that were on the boat. Don’t know anything about tournament fishing but is having that many necessary?

Also, after catching the fish they most likely knew the rule on how the fish would not be a legal catch.

They should have released it.

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