First time this century

For the first time this century the first number in the scale is a 1.

I want to lose a couple more pounds then put back on about 5-8 or n muscle.
Feels good.


What did you start at?

I am about to focus on getting back into a shape other than round. I carry most my fat internally, as such I don’t like obese. I look a tad chubby right now. At least that is what everyone says.

I think I am also retaining a camels worth of water.

An internist told me the only practical way of reducing visceral fat is intermittent fasting. It sure worked for me, but not everyone can avoid eating for 16 to 24 hours.

There are about 6 things you need to remove. Sugar but most importantly high fructose corn syrup.

I have been drinking a fair amount of soda and I need to stop. It is my one vice.

Carbohydrates are everywhere. What a big punch the average candy bar in a convenience store packs. Look at the size of those Cinnabuns. I can no longer find those small cans of soda in convenience stores.

That was the date year default on startup, wasn’t it?

Or perhaps it is a gram calibration setting to allow you to weigh small objects.

Losing weight is the “easy” part. Keeping it off is the hard part…been there/done that.

Congrats, it is a difficult accomplishment. I have probably gained and lost a ton in my life and am down 40 lbs since I retired 22 years ago. The only thing that worked for me was an Atkins/Keto variation reducing carbs and processed foods, and continuing with a lower level of carbs than before and just eating less.

Started at 237.
It was the highest I had ever been.
Intermittent fasting has probably made the most difference. I won’t eat between 7 pm and noon.
I drink at least a gallon of water a day, and have not cut out soda completely, but cut down to no more than one per day and usually only a couple times a week.
Started incorporating weights with my cardio.
I hit a cooler of plateaus but upping my protein helped push me through.
Several small things so that I don’t feel I am depriving myself.
I also have a health coach through work that works as an accountability person.

Nice work parrot. For me the important thing is finding the balance between exercise and food. Too much exercise and i eat all day, too little and I don’t feel right and can’t sleep. You’ll figure it out.

What’s funny is I don’t support that but it’s what I do naturally.

I typically eat at 11am and 6pm and maybe a slight snack at 8.

I don’t do it to lose weight. It’s just how my food clock runs.

Why I was in my best shape. I was eating 6 times a day. That’s just a hard schedule to keep since I wake up not hungry

Well, I’d like to quickly lose 10-15 pounds of ugly fat, but I need a place to put my hat. :innocent:

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I weighed 270 in May. Right now I am down to about 238 and I’d like to lose another 25 to 30 pounds. I’m okay with losing a pound a week…I usually start out losing 10 pounds pretty quickly, then got discouraged when it slowed. The barrier for me had been 250…it seemed I could never get below that.

After my accident, I did some “depression eating”. I didn’t realize how much I missed my bike. One thing that was cool to me - I have an ebike (bought out of fear from cardiologists) but I have a Specialized Diverge gravel bike. I took the Diverge out with the group a couple of weeks ago and losing 30 pounds made a noticeable difference in riding that bike. I felt like it was the ebike…hills were still tough, but I had no problem getting up them and recovering. On some shallower hills, I was actually accelerating pedaling uphill.

I have issues with my A1C and my doctor put me on Ozempic (for diabetes) a month ago. One of it’s side effects is weight loss. I guess it has a hormone (GLP-1) which is the hormone your body sends to your brain to tell it “I’m full”. I’ve noticed that. The other thing I did was to give up alcohol until my weight and A1C were closer to normal. Once I hit that, the alcohol is only for special occasions, and watching a football game is not a special occasion.

It’s a lifestyle change. When I worked, the stress of my job was killing me and I didn’t give a shit if I lived or died. Since I retired, I realized just how great I’ve got it…and I regret not taking better care of myself. But…better late than never I guess. I am pretty confident I’ll be able to maintain my weight once I reach my goal.

Awesome, I have figured out that as long as you don’t become obsessive about any one factor, staying with it is pretty easy.
I don’t worry if I mess up a day or two. It will all work out in the end.

So the wife wanted a BBQ Sauce w/o High Fructose Corn Syrup.
Sounds Simple?? Kroger had about 20 BBQ Sauces.

Finally Found Sticky Fingers BBQ Sause does not have FCS, and it tastes good.

Haven’t seen that brand. Will have to look. My kid made his own a couple of months ago. It’s not that hard; recipes online.