First OTC Birth Control Pill Approved

Does this mean that insurance companies no longer need to cover it? I am unaware that my insurance covers any otc drugs.

Insurance companies cover condoms.

I never knew that.

If an insurance company were smart, they’d cover every single type of BC, and abortions for that matter.


Dollars and sense. Covering kids health is expensive.

I’m pretty sure birth control is already covered and has been for years.

Kids are another customer, they make money on them.

During the seventies, when I had my daughter, most health insurance companies did not cover pregnancy/delivery because they considered it to be a voluntary condition.

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THat is because I was full of shit. I could have swore condoms were covered under Obamacare.

ObamaCare Birth Control (

Female condoms are covered.

Condoms are very cheap, Costco has 36 packs for $20. They’re also often free at community and college health centers.

They are HSA eligible.

Interesting list, a lot of things are covered, unfortunately dance lessons are not.

From the link…

" According to [HealthCare.Gov]Food and Drug Administration, approved contraceptive methods prescribed by a woman’s doctor are covered."

My original point was these will not be prescribed anymore since they are OTC. I suspect many insurance companies that choose to cover it, it will be up to the user to buy out of pocket and submit a reimbursement claim with the insurance company.

I suspect this is the reason why this was not approved OTC prior to now. By keeping it by RX only, insurance companies were forced to foot the bill.

Prior to the ACA, most did cover abortion. It was specifically carved out in that debate.

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Now, if it is not prescribed, they can deny to pay again. ACA says it must be prescribed, now this particular pill is OTC and no longer requires a Rx.

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Some still do.

Insurance should cover it for medical reasons, but not if it’s elective.

This is true, yet would make sense for insurance to cover them for men. HIV, raging case of gonnhorea, kids, etc.

It’s much easier to pick up a pack at the corner CVS for a few bucks then go through the hassle of filing an insurance claim.